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Attendance, Visitation and Members

How many people attend Grace Bible Church?

We have approximately 260 members and average about 300-350 regular attendees each Sunday.

Is your 9:00am service the same as your 10:45am service?

No. The 9:00am service is a more traditional service with a choir and soloist singing. The 10:45am service is a more modern service with worship singers and a worship band. The message is the same for both services. There are also Electives offered during both services.

How long is a typical service?

A typical service at Grace Bible church is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes long. During that time, we worship through music with a choir or worship team, depending on which service you attend, pray, listen to a sermon on a variety of topics all Biblically-relevant (listen to some here for free!) and spend time in the presence of God.

I've never been to church before, is Grace right for me?

If you've never been to church, then we're very flattered that you're considering coming to Grace! We would love to meet you at the front door, introduce ourselves, help you find a seat and answer your most important questions about God, Christ His Son, and your role in God's amazing plan for mankind. If you'd like someone to show you around Grace Bible Church this Sunday, please contact us here and we'll arrange it.

What is an Elective?

Electives are classes for adults held at Grace on Sunday mornings during the regular service times of 9:00am and 10:45am. Many churchgoers choose to attend the service one hour and an Elective another hour. Generally, an Elective ranges from 15 to 25 people and focuses on a particular topic, book of the Bible or current, Biblically-relevant trend in our culture. Each Elective is different and caters to a different demographic within the church.

How do I become a partner (member) of Grace Bible Church?

We're glad you asked! It starts by attending one of our Partnership Orientation Classes, which are held throughout the year. After attending the orientation, you will have the option of becoming a partner of Grace Bible Church by having an informal meeting with an elder or member of the ministerial staff and completing a partnership covenant.

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are small (8 to 10 people) casual gatherings that meet once a week in various homes. We realize that growing spiritually requires connecting relationally. We at Grace desire to be intentional about creating an environment where we can do life together in a meaningful way.

Childcare and Family Needs

Are Grace's childcare volunteers background checked?

Absolutely! All our childcare volunteers are asked to submit a detailed questionnaire along with their social security number, which is then checked against a database. Because our Children's Ministry Director takes the time to get to know each volunteer personally, we are able to make critical decisions about the character of our volunteers and to place them with the age group most appropriate to their skill set and personality.
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How do I check my child into childcare?

Our Host Team will be ready to help you as you walk in the doors of Grace Bible Church. You will step up to the visitor side of the Children's Ministry desk and provide the information required (child's name, parent's name, age and allergy information, for example) to get a sticker for your child's identification in their environment.
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How will my special needs child be taken care of?

Though we don't have a program developed for children with special needs, we often are able to accommodate them. Please ask to speak with Beckey Lebo on Sunday morning or call her at the office for more information.

How will I be notified if my child needs me or there's a problem?

Our Sunday morning volunteers are equipped to handle most problems that arise, but when checking your child in, you can either use our text message paging system or you will be given a pager unique to your child so that you will be paged if your child needs you beyond what our volunteers can handle.
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I have a preschooler, what if they cry?

Entrance into preschool care can be difficult as younger children often suffer from separation anxiety during their first few visits, but rest assured that our volunteers will do their best to comfort your child and make them(and you) at home and trusting of our environment. Let our volunteers know how long you'd like for your child to be left upset and we will gladly page you to console your child after the specified amount of time.
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Are the Nursery and Sunday School rooms safe?

We do our best to secure each of these rooms with age appropriate toys, safety guards, and a safe amount of adults. You will find outlets covered, toys properly cleaned and safety latches on cupboards. Our policy is to always have a minimum of two adults supervising children. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at the church office or email us.
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I can't walk very well. Does Grace have a valet service?

Yes we do! At Grace, we try to be sensitive to the needs of our congregation, especially the elderly or differently-abled. Simply drive up to the front of Grace Bible between the markers and a member of our valet team will help you out of your car and park it for you.
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I am hearing-impaired, can Grace assist me in listening to the sermon?

Yes! It is important to us that all attendees, including the hearing impaired, can enjoy Sunday morning services with us. We provide amplification devices to many of our attendees to assist them in hearing the morning's message. Just ask at the Welcome Desk and someone will be happy to assist you.
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Doctrine and Theology

What denomination does Grace belong to?

We are a non-denominational church. That means that we are not restricted to a particular religious denomination, such as Orthodoxy, Anglicanism or Roman Catholicism. We do not have a diocese or other ruling authority over our church's activities or doctrine outside of the Holy Bible. You can view our Statement of Faith.

What are the steps toward being baptized?

Throughout the year, Grace Bible Church conducts Baptism Sunday - a service where those who have elected to be baptized, can be. We do not baptize babies or children too young to understand the gravity of baptism, which we believe - according to the Bible - is an immersion following a conversion to a life in Christ. Sometimes, people who were baptized as infants elect to be baptized again as adults, once they have made the decision to follow Christ.

What will my child learn in Sunday School?

Your 2 and 3 year old child will learn three basic truths every week here at Grace: God made me, God loves me and God is with me. These truths are taught through God's Word, the Bible, as well as through songs and crafts. Your preschool child and elementary child will discover who God is, their place in His story of redemption, and how to follow Him. Each week your child will engage in fun, creative activities as well as times of worship.




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