Adoption - Day 13 - Critters

My day started with Juan David saying, “Father” (you have to imagine a strong accent to get the full effect) in a rather urgent tone. I followed him where he pointed towards something that was on the edge of his mattress at the foot of his bed. I cautiously moved forward to discover it was a scorpion (a small one…but a scorpion). I wanted to scream like a little girl, but I knew this was a God-ordained moment to be the hero to Juan David. I had to figure out a way to save the day. I bravely used a shoe on the floor to beat the beast. There was a huge sigh of relief.

Earlier in the night, Cherry had gone to take a shower. She placed her bathing suit on a hook on the wall. After her shower, she went in the bathroom to retrieve her bathing suit. All I heard was a scream. I leaped into action and ran to her side to discover a six-inch lizard had found a damp, shady spot underneath her bathing suit. Obviously, he was as scared as her because he scurried to the ceiling where all we could do was stare at each other. I calmly explained to Cherry that lizards are our friends…they eat the mosquitos. I’m not sure this really made her feel better.

Tonight, all the families were gathered around the pool just talking and letting the kids entertain themselves. Wyatt (a six-year old from North Carolina) said, “I found a frog.” All the kids ran to where he was and as kids can do, they cornered the frog. Now, in my mind I was thinking of a little tree frog, but the kids were way too excited for a creature of that size. So as any good father would, I went to investigate. This was no frog, it was toad…a good three pounds. You might ask, “How do you know what it weighed?” You guessed it…I picked that sucker up. For five minutes I was the coolest dad in La Mesa. Females screamed, children laughed, other dads wished they were me, and the frog peed all over the place. Once the rush was over, I simply released him into the bushes and basked in the glory of my moment.

On the more serious side of things, we found out that we will go to the courthouse to sign papers on Monday morning. Once that takes place, the boys will officially be a part of the Duckett family.