Adoption - Day 9 - Colombian Prayer Warriors

Today has been another good day in Bogota. Kevin and Juan David are definitely feeling more comfortable around us. Their personalities are beginning to show and their guard is coming down. Kevin is starting to ask about life in Ohio. Juan David worries about nothing. If we can give him a hug and some food he is completely satisfied. 

Today we walked to the flea market. It is a holiday here in Colombia (similar to our Independence Day minus the fireworks), therefore, the flea market (which is usually only open on Saturday and Sunday) was open. It took us about an hour to walk there. The boys were introduced to "Cherry Shopping" today. "Cherry Shopping" is best described as a slow walk visiting the same places over and over again until she finally convinces herself she either needs something or doesn't. It is a process and it is most enjoyable if you learn to just go with the flow. They eventually caught on and we had a really good time. 

Tonight we met Christian and Vivianna. This wonderful, young couple met Kevin and Juan David through what is called the "Super Amigo" program (think Big Brother or Big Sister...a mentoring program that connects stable families with orphans). Christian is a worship pastor/teacher and Vivianna is a lawyer. They are strong believers heavily involved in ministering to others. When they were paired with Kevin and Juan David, they took them under their wings, introduced them to their extended family, their church family, and began praying with them for a forever family. They looked at us tonight and said, "You are the answer to our prayers." They shared with us how for months they had been praying for us without even knowing who we were. And then, when Kevin and Juan David told them about us, she (like any good lawyer would) thoroughly investigated us on the internet. It was a true joy meeting them.

Spending time with them tonight reminds me of the sovereignty of God. I am humbled at how He fits all the crazy pieces to the puzzle we call life together to make a beautiful picture. Sometimes we fail to see the beauty because we are trying to force pieces together or we are looking for pieces He has yet to give us. But everyone once in a while, like tonight, He pulls us away from the table were all the pieces are laying and gives us a glimpse of what He has done and what He is doing. I am humbled by His power and His attention to detail. 

When you pray for us, please lift up Christian and Vivianna. Ask the Lord to bless them and praise Him for the love they shared with Kevin and Juan David. He used them to show Kevin and Juan David the power of prayer.