From NM to OH: How & Why

Jason Cox Coming to Grace

Many people have asked me "Why would Jason Cox move from NM to OH?" and "How did he even find out about Grace Bible Church?" Let me answer those questions. (It's kind of funny...those were the same questions I was asked when I moved here from CA.)

I met Jason while I was a pastor in CA. Cypress, the church I served in Sacramento, partnered with with a team of people from TX that were planting a church in Vancouver, Canada. Jason was on that church planting team. Cypress' partnership involved a five year commitment of financial support and mission teams that would come and support the start the church plant through various ministry projects. During that partnership, I went to Vancouver 4 times...each time, I was with Jason who was responsible for leading the worship (along with other things) at the church plant. During those times we developed a healthy respect for each other as colleagues in ministry and a friendship was formed.

When it was determined that Grace needed a worship pastor, I reached out to Jason to ask for his help in developing the job description. I knew he was no longer in Vancouver and was serving at a mega-church in Albuquerque, NM as a worship pastor. He said he would be glad to help me write a job description. Through several phone conversations and emails over a span of about 3-4 weeks, I would tell Jason about Grace and the opportunities that existed for us to reach people for Christ here in Northeast OH. He asked questions, listened, and help me write a worship pastor job description. I did ask him early in the process if he would be interested in the position. He kindly declined. 

About a week after the job description was completely written, Jason called and asked me if he could submit his name for the position. He explained that our conversations about Grace and its opportunities had been used by God to woo him into submitting his resume. I was thrilled!

By that time, a search team (consisting of Pastor Tom, Dennis Lambes, and Dan Lebo) had been formed and they were receiving resumes. Jason submitted his resume to the team. Only Pastor Tom knew that Jason had been involved in writing the job description. Over 60 people applied for the position. The first time the team met they presented their top 3 candidates from the applications. Jason was each member's top candidate. 

The team invited Jason to come and see Grace. On November 30, Jason and his wife Sarah, visited our church family. They attended both services, asked many questions, and began to seek God's face to determine if He was leading them to join us. They returned home telling me they needed a month to make a decision. did not take a month. On December 9, Jason called me and said, "God is calling us to Grace."

That is how and why Jason Cox and his family are coming to Grace Bible Church.