Grace Helping AIDS Survivors

Each week one of the things we do to worship Christ at Grace is to receive a financial offering to the Lord. We call it "taking up an offering." At some point in the service ushers are called forward, a prayer is prayed, music starts, and the offering plate is passed around. It's so routine you probably got bored reading about it, but don't ever underestimate the power of the weekly offering. 

Recently, Pastor Jerry was invited back to South Africa after he retired from Grace. The elders commissioned Jerry take some of Grace's Mission funds to South Africa to provide encouragement to those ministering in Jesus' name. Last week I received an email of thanks from Anthony Ryan, director of Lerato's Hope, a minstry dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of orphans and other individuals impacted by the AIDS epidemic.

Lerato's Hope ministers to those impacted by AIDS. I encourage you to check out their website (click here). Grace gave $1000 to this ministry to support it as they continue to touch those whom we cannot physically reach. You might ask, "Where did that $1000 come from?" I'm glad you asked. It came from our weekly offerings. 

Each week 10% of what is received at Grace when an offering is collected is ear-marked to support missionaries/ministries both locally and around the world. Last year, Grace collected over $70,000 to support missions just from our weekly offerings. So, when you give to the Lord at Grace, your helping minister to people around the world. Children impacted by AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa are now being shown the love of Christ because of your generosity. Keep up the good work!