Pastor Cary's Thoughts

April 2015

Apr 23

A Strategy for Change...Once It Begins

Change intrudes on everyone. We like to think we have we can keep things from changing, but this is an unrealistic view of life. If we truly think we can keep the circumstances in our lives from changing then we are going to meet disappointment early and often in life.   Circumstances in the local church at Philippi were...
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Apr 15

A Strategy for Change...the Beginning

Everything in life changes. The weather changes (like from winter to spring...YEAH!), health changes, stocks change in value, jobs change, our kids change, people change (sometimes for the good...and sometimes not so good), even the way we think can change. The only thing I can think of that doesn't change is Jesus Christ and His character....
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Apr 8

Ladies with a Mission

Grace has many people who do many things for the Lord that no one knows about. It is some of those people I would like to tell you about in this post. Each Tuesday morning a group of ladies have a Bible study here at Grace, but these ladies are doing more than just studying God's Word...they are practicing what they learn.  Recently, they...
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Apr 7

Shades of Gray...The Actual Color of Gray

Recently, our worship center ceiling was painted. When the job was completed the painter pointed out to one of our elders that his crew had inadvertantly sprayed some black paint onto the worship center walls (this is affectionately called over-spray by painters). They were unable to remove the paint from the wall and the painter proposed that...
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