Pastor Cary's Thoughts

April 2017

Apr 27

God's Car Seat

Everyday, moms and dads physically pick up their small children, strap them in a car seat and take them to various places. Sometimes their destination is a fun place like the park or the zoo. Other times the journey is to a place that might be uncomfortable or scary like the doctor's office or Wal-mart (Have you...
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Apr 19

5 Things That Shaped Me

I have a difficult time finding the right adjectives to describe my life. Happy, blessed, amazing, fun, adventurous, good,...all of these would work. However, none of them could stand alone and completely describe it. Even all together, it still seems as though something is missing. I'm happily married (23 yrs. to the same beautiful woman)....
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Apr 13

Faith is a Game Changer

I recently asked an acquaintance if he was a person of faith. I was inquiring because he had some sincere qualities I wanted to know more about. He proceeded to describe himself as a "spiritual person" following a mixture of Hindu teachings, Jewish traditions and Christian values. Basically, he had made up...
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Apr 3

Riding Waves

Several years ago Cherry and I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii. We spent a week in Maui enjoying as much of the beautiful island as 7 days would allow. One day we drove to the north side of the island because we were told we could see some huge waves. We were not disappointed. I grew up in Alabama where the most common vacation...
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