Pastor Cary's Thoughts

December 2015

Dec 31

The Last Day of 2015

It is the last day of 2015...what a year! God has been faithful. I wish I had some great words that could neatly wrap up the year, but I don't. All I know to do is praise the Lord for His goodness.  I will spend most of this day watching football, spending time with family and friends. But, I will take some time to reflect. There is no way...
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Dec 28

Adoption - Day 51 - Beef Jerky

Life with Kevin and Juan David is unfolding. It is an adventure filled with the full range of emotions that come with life. We have moments that make us laugh and fill our hearts with praise for what God has done and is doing. We also have moments laced with frustration causing us to call upon our great God for wisdom, courage,...
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Dec 14

Adoption - Day 37 - Christmas Gifts

Kevin and Juan David are adjusting to life as a Duckett and to living in OH. As a family we have scaled back our activities. We are eating more at home (which is a good thing) and doing less running around (at least we are more intentional about it). We have made these changes to help Kevin and Juan David acclimate. As you know, our first few...
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Dec 8

Grace Bible Church's SLT

In October of this year the elders held a series of meetings describing the process of developing a long range strategic plan (a fancy way of answering the question What is God calling GBC to do over the next several months and years?). The meetings were well attended (over 100 people). It was explained in the meetings that the process...
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Dec 3

Adoption - Follow Up

We have been home with Kevin and Juan David for 4 days. Things are going good! Of course, everything is still new to everyone. But, Kevin and Juan David seem to be comfortable. We are sheltering them. Cherry has a leave of absence from she is giving them a lot of attention which is exactly what they need. Kevin has started asking...
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