Pastor Cary's Thoughts

February 2016

Feb 23

Confict...A Problem or an Opportunity?

No one is exempt from conflict. We face it almost everyday (sometimes more than once a day). Where does all this conflict come from? Why do some conflicts never seem to end? Does it serve a purpose? This coming Sunday (Feb. 28) a new sermon series titled "Conflict...A Problem or an Opportunity?" will begin. The sermon series is NOT...
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Feb 15

Ministry Teams Update & Opportunities

The era of ministry teams has begun at Grace. Over the last couple of weeks two teams have been formed. The first was a Prayer Ministry Team. It is being led by Dennis Lambes and approximately 50 people have joined this team. This is AWESOME! To think that 50 people are now actively praying for Grace Bible Church, it's leadership, it's...
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Feb 3

Introducing...Ministry Teams!

We had our first Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) meeting this past weekend. Hopefully, you will take the opportunity to look at the presentations that were shared and the notes that were taken. You can see them by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page where you will find several links. Many interesting things were...
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