Pastor Cary's Thoughts

January 2015

Jan 27

What Are We Willing To Do...?

On Sunday I will finish up a sermon series entitled "What Are We Willing To Do...?" Each week we've been challenged to think about what we are willing to do in 2015 that maybe we weren't doing very well (or even at all) in 2014. The first challenge centered on "What are we willing to avoid failure?" The second one...
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Jan 20

Updating the Auditorium

        A couple of weeks ago one of our elders was attending a wedding at another church in Northeast OH. While there, he took these pictures. Please give special attention to the ceiling and lighting.  Recently I have shared with you that the ceiling and the lighting in the worship auditorium will be updated...
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Jan 16

From NM to OH: How & Why

Many people have asked me "Why would Jason Cox move from NM to OH?" and "How did he even find out about Grace Bible Church?" Let me answer those questions. (It's kind of funny...those were the same questions I was asked when I moved here from CA.) I met Jason while I was a pastor in CA. Cypress, the church I served in...
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Jan 12

What Does a Worship Pastor Do?

After yesterday's announcement of Jason Cox's arrival as Grace's new worship pastor, a few people approached me and asked, "What exactly does a worship pastor do?" After all, Jason will be Grace's first worship pastor. Grace has never had a minister to fill a position with this title. So, let me share with you what Jason will be doing...
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Jan 11

Let Me Introduce You To...

In August of 2014 the Leadership shared with the church body that a search for a worship pastor would take place. September was spent creating a job description and by the first part of October the position was posted for candidates to apply. By the end of October over 60 different people from all across the United States had applied for the...
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