Pastor Cary's Thoughts

June 2015

Jun 29

Good Morning fromBelize

The last couple of days have been hot and humid. The team is very busy...not much down time. Today is our last day of construction and VBX. I don't have long to write and I still can't upload any pictures. I do know that you can go to Thirst Mission's Facebook page and see several pictures there.  Saturday, we finished the foundation for...
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Jun 27

Hello from Belize...We are really here!

We finally made it to Belize. We returned to the airport on Thursday morning and experienced no problems boarding our plane. A huge thanks to Cathy, all the parents, and my wife (and anyone else who made getting all the paperwork signed, notorized, and delivered to us in Cleveland). We would not be in Belize without the sacrifices you made....
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Jun 24

Hello from Belize...not Yet!

You may have heard by now, but our Belize Mission Team did not get to leave as scheduled today. I could explain what happened, but it would bore you. Ultimately, we must trust the Lord with the timing of things...even if we don't understand or disagree with people who have authority to make decisions that change our plans. In spite of this...
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Jun 15

Excuse our Growth

Our youth ministry is growing! It's exciting. Each week 50-60 students attend The Well and Electric. This is a blessing, but with this exciting news comes a good problem: Grace is lacking educational space. In fact every age group, from babies to adults, is being impacted by a lack of space dedicated to age specific ministry at...
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