Pastor Cary's Thoughts

March 2016

Mar 23

The Invisible War

Why is life so hard? It is a simple question. Unfortunately, the answer is far from simple. Turn on your TV or open up your browser, you can find a politician right now promising their ideas for the future will make life a little easier. We all know it is not that simple. Universities declare the education they provide will make life...
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Mar 21

God's Faithfulness Explained

I don't know if you could see it yesterday, but Pastor Jason's face had a huge sigh of relief. Why? Because the remodeling of the stage and the installation of the new sound system is complete. It was a $22k project that began about 10 months ago. Let me explain how all of this happened.  In June of 2015 Grace...
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Mar 15

Join a Ministry Team / Join an Elective or Life Group

Ministry Teams Update Over the last two months the elders of Grace, along with the members of the SLT (Strategic Leadership Team), have been encouraging people to join a ministry team. Four teams have been formed. Let me remind you of what they are... The Prayer Ministry Team - The team is led by Dennis Lambes. Over 80 people have joined...
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Mar 7

Why Does Grace Bible Church Exist?

The SLT (Strategic Leadership Team) had its second meeting this past weekend. I would like to tell you it was all warm, fuzzy moments followed by everyone holding hands and singing Kumbayah; but that would be far from the truth. In reality, it was 13 people asking God to speak to us...and He did. However, it should be noted, when we...
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Mar 2

The Pastor of Spiritual Development

As you know, Pastor Tom Riley is resigning from his position here at Grace. We love Tom and Mari-Ellen. They will be missed and we are praying for them as God starts a new chapter in their lives. Fortunately, they will be with us several more weeks so we get ample opportunity to show our appreciation to them. As a result of his...
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