Pastor Cary's Thoughts

May 2015

May 27

Summer Electives: Part 3

My grandmother was 4 feet and 11 inches tall. I have many fond memories of spending summers at her house. One such memory was the smell of breakfast each morning (she always home-made biscuts and sausage gravy). This was a treat because most my breakfast meals came from a box when I was growing up. I remember watching her prepare...
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May 22

Summer Electives: Part 2

Imagine a footstool with three legs on it. Remove one of the legs, and the footstool becomes useless. No one can reach higher on that footstool because it is no longer stable. A healthy follower of Christ has 3 “legs” that allows them to reach higher in their spiritual growth. The 3 legs are: Volunteering in a ministry that serves...
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May 21

Summer Electives...Join One!

Summer electives are around the corner! Electives are an important part of being and becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being/Becoming a disciple of Christ involves three things (like three legs on a footstool): volunteering to serve others in a ministry, participating in small group bible study (a Life Group or an Elective), and being...
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May 12

Nepal...The Tragedy Continues

Last night my FOX News phone alert sounded...notifying me that Nepal had suffered another devastating earthquake. It was only a few weeks ago when over 8,000 people were killed by a massive land shake that crumbed buildings, destroyed homes and threw the entire country of Nepal into a panic. It appears it has...
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